MD, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, Chairman F-MARC

The motivation for participating in team sports is fun and at the same time embroils social involve­ment. Fair play is fundamental: don’t cheat, don’t harm your fellow player – both of which partially overlap medical ethics – Primum Nil Nocere. The main objective of Football Medicine is to promote football as a health enhancing leisure activity, improving social behaviour. Another aim is to secure the equal level of play at all competitions including FIFA World Cups. FIFA has a clear and transparent strategy in fight against doping based on stringent controls prior and during competitions as well as education starting at the youth competitions. The first blood sampling has been performed during the FIFA World Cup 2002 Japan/Korea, the Biological Passport established 2013. FIFA is WAD-Code compliant.

Jiří Dvořák is Professor at the University of Zurich and Senior Consultant in Neurology at the Schulthess Spine Center in Zurich and Chief Medical Officer to FIFA.

He is a senior Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine and deputy editor of SPINE and is widely published with more then 400 original articles and 48 books in different languages.

His current research activities are focused on prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases using the popularity of football within a larger project “Football for Health”, as well a head and brain injuries.

In 1994 he became the Chairman of F-MARC (FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre) and Chief Medical Officer to FIFA. He currently sits is a member of the WADA Health, Medicine and Science Committee and ASOIF medical consultative group. As FIFA Chief Medical Officer he was in charge for medical organization of 6 past FIFA World Cups.

He has received numerous awards for his research work on the spine.