Independent Advisor and Non-Executive Director, Acting CFO at Vertical Biomass Corporation

It is always fascinating to observe how winning teams are being shaped, in sports as well as in business. That always takes a lot of endurance, discipline and focus from everybody involved. At the same time, the only way to have sustainable (‘real’) success as a team is to share and protect strong positive values. Every team member must embrace these values and also make sure that (s)he lives by them. If they do their success story will go into the history books and the Halls of Fame. If they don’t, eternal shame will be their fate. It is therefore always up to the individual and the collective responsibility to chose their own destiny in this respect.

Rutger Koopmans (1958, Heerlen, Netherlands) studied Law, Political Science at Leiden University and Business Administration Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Rochester (NY), USA.

Rutger Koopmans worked for 26 years in banking and insurance both in The Netherlands as well as abroad (London, New York) with Mees Pierson NV (Bank Mees & Hope) and subsequently ING Group, where he held several senior management positions. He has extensive experience with international finance and project finance.

He is currently CEO of Biomass Feedstock Holding BV ( and partner of a consultancy firm (KVS Connect BV). In addition, he holds various board positions for (inter)national companies.

Rutger Koopmans is a recipient of the 2007 “Ethics in Business Award” of the International Association of Human Values as well as a recipient of the 2008 Leadership Award of the Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies.

Rutger Koopmans is living in Amsterdam and is married with three children