Member of the National Council of Switzerland

Can sport, in particular top-level sport, solve social problems? No, but the big sport associations have to handle their own problems.

As multi-billion groups they have to act ethically as is expected from the whole private sector. Doping and match fixing are problems of sports.

The biggest challenge is corrupt functionaries. Having good intentions within the associations however can help to eradicate this disease.

Roland Rino Büchel is an entrepreneur and a member of the Swiss Parliament for the Swiss People’s Party. He was born on 8th October 1965.

He went to primary and secondary school in his hometown Oberriet in the Canton of St. Gallen. He then served a three-year apprenticeship in a bank. After that, he studied economics in St. Gallen and in Buenos Aires. After working for the Swiss Foreign Office in Venice, Marseille, Milano, Buenos Aires and Paris, he moved into the marketing business to take on the responsibility of the sponsorship of the Swiss Alpine Ski Team in the 90s.

Later, he moved into international football marketing and was in charge of the rights delivery of several international football tournaments in Central America, South America and in Africa. In the year 2004, he became a member of Parliament of the canton of St. Gallen. Since 2010 he has been a member of the National Parliament of his country.

He is the father of a 20 month old daughter. In his spare time he likes cycling, hiking and reading.