Chief Financial Officer, American Express Saudi Arabia

Is the mental power the last unused resource in today’s “sports-fight” for success? And if so; how can one successfully access one’s full mental potential: learning from the best.)

Particularly in sports, it is difficult to differentiate between players based on talent, power or stamina. Every team and all players work and practice hard. Success invariably boils down to temperament and mental strength – for instance in a penalty shoot-out in a football game. How to maintain focus, not get stressed, not lose nerve and deliver – are certainly key elements of the mind game. In this deep-dive session we will look into the experiences of some of the experts in their respective sports.

Mr. Milind V. Pendharkar has a long and successful career in finance and business management, more than 30 years of experience, a major portion of it is with American Express Middle East/ Saudi Arabia in all-round financial management. He received his education from Commerce Graduate (Mumbai, India), ACA (India), ACMA (UK) and MBA at Sheffield Hallam university (UK). Mr. Pendharkar has been working as chief financial officer & head of operations at American Express Saudi Arabia since 2001. Also, he is a faculty of Art of Living since 2004.

Moreover, Mr. Milind V. Pendharkar is a president of the board in Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and has been overseeing ten Indian Community Schools with over 50,000 students since 2010.