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Back in the 90s during my time as Director for the development of snowboarding, I met a few riders that shared with me that competing on such a high level on the ISF Snowboard World Pro Tour saved their life, as they had been entangled in alcohol and drug abuse; they had found a place to enjoy practicing a sport on a high level.

If a kid gives up after his 3rd try to walk, if a sportsman doesn’t train daily, if a businessman can’t accept to fail, the future ends up very quickly, way before being retired or enjoying success.

We are here to practice in order to progress in our life and finally we all learn from each other.

It always seems impossible until it has been done!

(Nelson Mandela)

Living up in the Swiss Alps, I have been attracted by snow-sports and had the pleasure to accompany Snowboarding from a grass roots level to the Olympic recognition in less than 10 years.

Working in the event business, I specialized in organizing concerts, shows, competitions, … in the city centers. I aim to bring spectacle where the spectators are and let them enjoy it.