Managing Director, Sports Rights Owners

The ethics of sports are under attack from various angles. As leaders in the detection and prevention of match-fixing across 12 sports, we know all too well about one of the most critical of threats facing a whole range of sports today. Awareness, understanding, clarity as well as collaboration are vital if sport is to survive and to continue exciting and engaging fans in every corner of the world. We look forward to this World Summit as a chance to inform, be informed and to reinforce all our positive commitments.

Andreas joined Sportradar’s management in April 2008 and today he oversees all Sportradar’s business with sport rights holders, such as federations, associations, leagues, competitions and clubs. These businesses include the company’s Security Services, which he headed up from the day he started at Sportradar, as well as the new Federation Management Platform, a new suite of data-related products and services for sports governing bodies that enable them to manage rights portfolios and maximise their value. Andreas also manages the Licensing Department which handles all aspects of audio-visual and data rights.

Sharing his time between Munich and London, Andreas has grown the Security Services so that Sportradar is relied upon for monitoring, unparalleled analysis and expert intelligence by law enforcement agencies and police as well as sports federations, leagues and clubs worldwide. Prior to joining Sportradar, Andreas spent ten years working for the German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League (DFL) in marketing and media licensing. He was also in charge of sports betting and was entrusted with setting-up and coordinating the Integrity program within German football in the wake of the Hoyzer Scandal of 2005.