Minister of State for the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Fair sports governance promotes integrity and responsibility in sports. Governments and regulatory bodies have a huge role to play to promote and uphold human values and pride in the management of sports. The 2nd World Summit on Ethics and Leadership in Sports will strengthen the quality of governance in sports and will bring the best out of it in the society.

Dr Shri Biren Sikder, a committed politician, has been elected Member of Parliament three times.

He has formerly served in the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Ministry of Commerce, and  Ministry of Education & Public Undertaking Committee. He has also served as the Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee for Ministry of Jute and Textiles.

He founded  ‘Swarasati Sikder School and College’ and ‘BihariLal Sikder Degree College’ in his home town, as well as ‘Arpara Degree College’ in Magura, and  ‘Biren Sikder Ideal School and College’ in Mohammadpur Sadar Upazilla.

For his significant contributions to education and social services, Dr. Sikder has been awarded the ‘BR Ambedkar Award’ from Calcutta University and ‘Lord Buddha International Peace Award 2015’ from the India-Bangladesh co-ordination committee, All India VikkhuSangh. Dr. Sikder completed his post-graduation from Rajshahi University,Bangladesh, and is a lawyer by profession.

Now Dr. Sikder is working on the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as the Minister of State for  Youth and Sports.