Vice President of the International Fund for Legal Initiatives, Russia

Corruption and government interference – one of the most crucial problems and challenges for the sport industry in Russia and many East European countries. We should deal with it and such events like World Summit on Ethics & Leadership in Sports – a good opportunity to pay attention of international sports community on this problem and work out joint solutions.

Alisher Aminov (born 1962 in Tashkent, USSR) is the the graduate of famous «Pahktakor Tashkent» football school. In 1980-s worked in several Soviet football clubs as a manager. In 1990-s started the career in business, from 1998 to 2003 – the vice-president of one of the biggest Russian banks «Rosbank».

Since 2003 – the vice-president of research center «Institute of independent examination and law».

In 2004 returned to football and worked out comparative analysis of football development in Soviet Union and Russia.  In 2007 headed the working group of the Committee of Russian Football Union, responsible for projects, focused on football development. In 2008 was elected the president of «Football Development Fund».

Twice – in 2010 in 2012 – participated in elections of Russian Football Union president. According to experts, author of the best election programme in the history of Russian Football Union.

In 2015 was appointed Vice President of «International Fund for Legal Initiatives».

One of the most well-known, consecutive and authoritative oppositions and critics of modern football system in Russia and Post-Soviet area. Ph.D. in Economics.