Former Dutch field hockey player, Olympic gold medal winner with the field hockey national women’s team as the team’s captain

“To be here on the World Forum for Ethics in Sports is for me a dream comes true. As top sportsmen we all have to give the right example to all those who are looking at us, and the same is for all those who are leaders in this sportsfield. Sport is for fun and when we take it to serious and only want to win, fun is gone and ethics also!”

Lisette Sevens (1949) from the Netherlands is a former Olympic athlete. In the 70s and 80s she was the captain of the Dutch field hockeyteam. With this team she won 5 world championships, 1 European championship and as cream on the cake she won a gold medal at the Olympic Games of Los Angeles in 1984.

In 2000 she was again at the Olympics in Sydney this time, as the manager of the Dutch ladies hockey team. She is a professional homeopathist, mother of 1 son, and from 2004 she met Art of Living, which she embraced fully.

Now she is teacher for the Happiness program, Sri Sri Yoga and the Art of Silence. She experiences that her passion for teaching the Art of Living programs now equals the passion she previously had for sports.