Former German ski jumper, Winner of the Four Hills Tournament,racing car driver

“As in life sports is full of striking success and failure. We need to learn to deal with these failures and setback in order to come out stronger in the end.”

Sven Hannawald, born November 9th, 1974 in Erlabrunn at Erzgebirge, is a former German world ski-jump and Olympic champion. Currently he is a racing car driver.

At the tender age of 7 after completing his first ski-jump training course successfully, Sven Hannawald launched his career as a professional ski-jumper. His athletic achievements are unsurpassed. In 2002 he was the first and only ski-jumper in history who won all four competitions of the Four-Hills-Tournament. Furthermore, he is an Olympic and world champion, became twice the world champion in ski-flying and was named ”sportsman of the year” in 2002 in Germany.

In 2004, after suffering a burnout, Hannawald ended his career as a professional ski-jumper and became a TV-Expert. Today he pursues his two new passions: Car racing and football.

His autobiography entitled Mein Höhenflug, mein Absturz, meine Landung im Leben (Flying high, crashing and landing back into life) was published in September 2013.

Due to his all-time athletics achievements Sven Hannawald is still one of Germany’s most popular and successful sportsmen.