FIFA Ambassador for Fair Play

“I received an offer from a former teammate to fix a match. I knew it was wrong and said no as it was against everything I learned as a footballer on Fair Play. Despite all the challenging consequences following the reporting to the police, I would do it exactly the same way again.

Match fixing is one of the biggest threats in sports today and I support FIFA as an Ambassador and educate young players in order to protect the game.”

Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 18 April 1982
Simone Farina is a former Italian footballer who today works for Aston Villa as Community Coach and Ambassador for FIFA and Interpol.

Farina retired from football in the summer of 2012 after an incident where he refused Euro € 200,000 to fix an Italian Cup game in November 2011 and reported it to the police.

He became an example and role model for resisting international match fixing and is supporting the FIFA-Interpol initiative with its communication strategy to fight match manipulation.

Simone is married and is a father of two children.