Independent Advisor and Non-Executive Director, Acting CFO at Vertical Biomass Corporation

“I have been a great supporter of the WFEB for many years and I have had the opportunity to attend and contribute to many of their conferences on business ethics.

I am also a great soccer fan and have had the privilege to work with great sportsmen like Johan Cruijff and have learned from them how crucial it is to always be true to your own principles “on and off the pitch”.

Lastly, I am also a soccer referee in my spare time, which brings me very close to the subject of “ethics in sports in the heat of the moment”. I am fascinated that with this conference all these aspects of ethical behavior are being brought together. There is a lot to share with each other and I am sure there is also a lot to learn from each other.”

Rutger Koopmans graduated in law, political science and business administration in Leiden, Rotterdam and in Rochester (USA).He was a banker between 1982 and 2008, working for MeesPierson (formerly Bank Mees & Hope) and ING. He has an extensive experience in international corporate banking, project finance and corporate finance, as well as insurance.

In 2008, Rutger decided to choose a new career path in order to create a broader context for his skills and expertise. He started working as an independent advisor for various companies, private individuals and institutions. He also advised the local government of Amsterdam on the issue of ‘poverty’, which is a topic still very close to his heart.

In 2012 Rutger joined as a partner within Melles & Partners (asset management) and NielenSchuman (corporate finance & debt advisory), two independent companies outside the banking industry but still within the financial services industry. Rutger is a strong believer of ‘trusted financial advisory services’ based on an aligned interest between the client and his advisor.

Rutger is currently involved as an acting-CFO within Vertical Biomass Corporation, who are establishing a vertically integrated, dedicated and a fast growing biomass plantation, power plant and a world scale pellet plant project in Sierra Leone.

Besides that he serves on the Board of various (national/international) companies, as well as on the Board of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the largest theatre company in The Netherlands.