Founder and owner of Switcher SA

“Whether they apply to sport or business, the rules must be the same for all concerned. Access to transparent information would enable each person concerned to measure themselves and to be measured.

The Olympic Games without chronometers or anti-drug testing would be of little interest to spectators. The rules governing international economic competition are ill-defined. As consumers, we represent not only its public but have a direct impact on the question of competition by means of our purchasing choices.

We would be able to do this more accurately if we had access to clear, transparent and reliable information.”

While still a student at the University of Lausanne Business School, Robin Cornelius had the idea of an enterprise that became the Switcher brand. He developed this while studying political science in the daytime and undertaking a temporary job at night as a taxi driver. The Swiss brand has become a reference for t-shirts, sweaters and polo shirts in a wealth of colors.

Commitment to fair trade and environmental and social responsibility are hallmarks of the company which exist well beyond Swiss frontiers. Since 2006 the company has vouched for the total transparency of its Switcher products, through the

“Made with Respect” – these words embody Switcher’s identity. Respect and transparency, hand in hand with economic efficiency, environmental responsibility and social solidarity are the key values of the Swiss brand. The notion of sustainability lies at the heart of the concept. Switcher does not manufacture “throw away” objects, but rather long-life, quality products.

Switcher offers an extensive range of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and softshell jackets for different occasions in a spectrum of colors. All Switcher products bear the “respect-code” label, guaranteeing total traceability of the entire production line via Furthermore, the Switcher Foundation supports social projects in India, Africa and Europe. In every sector, whether corporate, retail or tourism – Switcher is made with respect.