Former Polish racewalker, Four-times Olympic gold medallist

“Success in sport and business are always based on long distance story and conditioned by the same human values. Only integrity of such values and victory oriented actions grant real progress and great legacy.

Mission of former sports champions is to make a fusion between two worlds of human high performance.”

He is the first athlete in the history of Polish sports to win four gold medals in three consecutive Summer Olympics. His journey began in the Barcelona Olympics with a huge disappointment in 1992.

He was on the verge of winning the silver medal, but after a controversial decision was disqualified 400 meters before the finish line and was stopped at the gates of the Montjuïc Stadium.

However in 1996, he won the gold medal during the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and four years later in Sydney he became the first athlete to claim both the long distance and the short distance crown. He ended his professional career in 2004 in Athens where he became the Olympic champion for the fourth and last time. From 1997-2004, he was the Polish Ambassador for Tolerance and Fair Play at the European Council.

From 2004-2009 he was the manager and chef redactor sport services at the Polish Public Television, TVP. Shortly after, he joined the Corporate Hospitality Team at UEFA Events, which was known as Club Prestige during the Euro 2012. During his work at UEFA till July 2012 he advised on the fields of PR and Marketing as well as Club Prestige packages.

In October 2012 he became the Head of the Sports Business Insurance Department in one of the leading Polish brokers, Mentor S.A. He is a member of the IAAF Walking Committee as well as the chairman of the council “Fundacja Sportowa Polska” and “Fundacja Aktywnej Rehabilitacji”. He conducts career development workshops based on his experience gained in professional sports as well as his business activity.