“As an independent asset manager, I am fully aware of my social and economic responsibility. Sustainability and trust are the basis of my client relationships.

From the perspective of an inland financial consultant, I see it as my responsibility to shed light on potential chances, risks and the consequences of long term sustainable asset management and I want to reflect on common points between sports, business and ethics in a self critical way.”

Peter, born 1969 in Olten, Switzerland, started his career in 1992 as a portfolio manager at UBS. He later became Assistant to the Executive Board of Cantrade Private Bank before taking the role of Deputy Head of Portfolio Management at Bank Leu in Zurich.

In 2001, he became Head of Portfolio Management & Research at PBS Private Bank Switzerland. In 2003, he changed to a private asset management company as Chief Investment Officer. Finally, in 2007, Peter founded his own company, Peter Nünlist Ltd. in Zurich, that he runs as CEO.

Peter Nünlist holds diplomas from the Universities of North-West Switzerland (Business Adminisration) and St. Gallen (Financial Mathematics) and he holds a master of economics from ESSEC Paris, France. Peter is also an examiner in economics and business administration for federal technical diploma of Switzerland and was an auditor of two of Switzerland’s oldest foundations, the Swiss Schiller-Foundation and the Foundation of the Swiss Chemical Industry.

His favourite books are The Flying Classroom by Erich Kästner, Der schwarze Obelisk, by Erich Maria Remarque and Unschlecht by Gerold Späth. His favourite quote is ‘Now are the good old days, after which we will yearn back in ten years’.