Swiss wheelchair athlete, 15-times gold medal winner at the summer and winter Paralympics, current world record holder

“Besides being an athlete, I work 50% in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre for Sport to bring the idea of sport to more people in wheelchairs. For me sport is much more than to win and to compete – what matters to me is the passion and the spirit around.

Through the tournaments I do, I get to meet many people in different countries – it give me, so to say, many big souvenirs in my life. I would like to encourage everyone – whether with a handicap or not, to do sports, to enjoy the life-quality gained through it, and to have a good and healthy life-balance.

Heinz Frei (born 28 January 1958) is a Swiss wheelchair athlete with a long career of racing. His friends have given him the title of Legend of wheelchair sport for his 15 gold medals at Paralympic games since 1984.

He won these 15 gold medals in three sports: athletics in racing chair, in handcycling and in cross country skiing in winter games. He has won 112 marathons which include 20 times in Berlin, 14 times in Oita, in Japan, in Boston, London, L.A., Paris, Osaka, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Chicago to mention a few. He was the disabled athlete of the year in Switzerland 10 times. In 1999 he created a wheelchair world record in a Marathon: 1h20’14”.