Mr. Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Managing Editor, Die Zeit, Germany

“Time has become fast-paced. For the last few years Zeit has dedicated a page solely to football, and as a result the role of our newspaper in the domain of Ethics in Sport is to be regarded as a critical one when it comes to violations of ethics.”

Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns studied law, thereafter worked at WAZ newspaper in Essen; he changed to ZEIT in 1986. Since 2001 he is the managing editor at Zeit, and since 2009 responsible for the cover stories.

Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns also works as author and filmmaker.

Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns was a friend of Gunter Sachs for many years, whom he met regularly for talks. In the past year, together with Michael Wech, he made a film about Sachs’s life that ended so suddenly with suicide.

Recently, Kammertöns completed a film about the legendary Udo Jürgens.