Brazilian former international swimmer and multiple Olympic medallist

“It is an honor to participate in this Forum, especially with the topics and the level of the participants.

To talk about societal problems, or societal development, will be interesting because the environment (or context) that sports provides to a person has a great impact on the development of a human being. Most of the knowledge and experience I have came from sports, so the topic “Coaching yourself to success – learning from sports” has a deep impact on me.

I really believe that the first step towards anywhere, need to be taken by ourselves. We always face different challenges throughout our life in all different areas, and we face important questions: To give up or to persist? To do the basics or to work with excellence? Let your life take you or take charge of your life? Depending the direction you go, or choice, the outcome will have a huge impact on your goals.”

Gustavo Borges is a well-known athlete in his native Brazil. He made his international debut in swimming in Barcelona in 1992, winning the silver medal in the 100-meter freestyle. He later went on to participate in a total of four Olympic games, winning 4 Olympic medals.

Nowadays, Gustavo is dedicated to his swimming gyms where he has created a swimming methodology, which teaches children and adults how to swim. With five private gyms and three hundred licensees, he has applied all the skills acquired in sports directly to his business.

His experience goes from being an athlete to developing his skills as an entrepreneur. Gustavo was an active member of the FINA Athletes Commission for 12 years. Today he sits on the Executive Board of Directors of IHRSA, an international association that focuses on Health Clubs all over the world, and is also a member of the Brazilian Athletes Committee.