Dutch sports journalist, author and columnist, Former team manager of FC Ajax Amsterdam

“I cherish the dream that football may be a unique and strong metaphor for a united world with tolerance, acceptance of any religion, race, political position, sexual preference, to be ONE TEAM that finds its winning in together making a better world.”

Born in 1954 in The Hague, Netherlands, David Endt grew up in Amsterdam. When very young he was captured by the magic of football and at seventeen, still at school, he was asked to play for Ajax youth development and later becoming semi professional for Ajax in the second team (1973-1977).

In 1977 he went to play in the Third Division and then spent 1 year in Belgium before returning in 1979 he took up a job in a sports marketing company which detached him at FC Ajax football club as an editor’s assistant in sponsorship affairs, scouting players etcetera. In 1985 he became press officer at Ajax and in 1997 teammanager with the first team.

More frequently involved in organizational activities with the club amongst other social activities. In the 34 years working at top football level, he saw this world from 360 degrees, travelling the world and meeting people in every part of the world.

Already in 1998 he initiated a social model which involved children at school in a broad social context through the power of the popularity of football and the football celebrities, later adopted and activated by club sponsor Aegon and called “Street Wise”. The aim is to install human and social values, normativs and ethics through footballs popularity.

He is a father of three children of 21, 15 and 12 years old.