“Fairness is not a “nice to have” but a MUST.”

Bernard Thurnheer (born July 7 1949 in Winterthur) completed his law studies ‘magna cum laude’ in the summer of 1973 at the University of Zurich. Just 14 days later he accepted a part-time job at Swiss Radio, and since then the media has not let go of him.

For the last forty years he worked for Swiss radio and television, in sports and entertainment. Bernard Thurnheer became ‘Beni national’, as a media creator he has been able to adapt to any subject in the media.

He rose to popularity through his TV shows ‘Tell-Star’ (1980-1991) and Benissimo (1992-2012), as well as his work as a football commentator for 8 World Cup Finals.

His first Word Cup Final in 1982, and the seventh, 2010, falling on his 33rd and 61st birthday respectively. Since 1976 he has contributed during the Olympic Summer and Winter Games in such diverse functions as announcer, radio reporter, live television commentator, interviewer and anchorman.

Most recently, he commented in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Curling Tournament, in London at the Artistic Gymnastics Competitions, and repeatedly for the opening and closing ceremonies.

He was honoured four times with the Prix Walo (Swiss ‘Oscar’) Award (1981-1999), won the ‘Tele-Price’ award (2000) for outstanding achievement in the field of electronic media, with an endowment of Fr 10,000, the ‘TV Star’ (2000) as a television personality of the year with an endowment of Fr 12,000, and was nominated as ‘sports journalist of the year’ (2007). His book Anyhow, speech is silver, a kind of autobiography, became a best seller in 2002, as the sequel is expected to be.