Entrepreneur & Coach; Author of the book on Leadership and Sports “Naturally performing better”

“To me it’s part of our human potential to be fit on all dimensions of our being. And to do sport is a great way to experience that. If sports is expressed with the best human spirit – we enjoy those unforgettable moments of “sporting spirit”!

And a great sporting spirit is ethics in action – no matter where it is shown: sports, business, education etc. Thus may the World Summit on Ethics in Sports create a momentum for a worldwide sporting spirit, that can carry us through the today’s challenges in life and society.”

Dr. Jana Leidenfrost, qualified psychologist, consultant and coach in the field of international leadership development; author and mother of a daughter.

Jana Leidenfrost started her career on skis, which meant the world to her! Born in the low mountain range of Thuringia, cross-country skiing was meant to be “her” sport.

It was the field of her greatest sporting achievements in winning several titles as a national champion of the GDR and, ultimately, the reason why she has been so captivated by psychology. How is it possible to reach your best performance right at the point when you need it? How do people remain enthusiastic, efficient and healthy in what they do?

After 12 years of experience in human resources development in a big group of enterprises, she founded her own company, JL, in 2010. Since then, she has been accompanying individuals, teams and organizations in developing their potential as well as in health and resource management.

Thanks to her qualification and further training activities in systemic issues and hypnotherapy and due to her love for working with analogies and opening up new perspectives, she prefers an integrated working method which looks at body, soul and mind. Her latest book on that topic is To perform better naturally. Learning from sportspeople – to be a successful leader, to remain healthy.