Football Manager of the Ajax Youth Team, Former Professional Player of the Dutch National Football Team

“So, why is football the metaphor for binding people together? Football as the World leading sports, with it’s matchless power and influence of fully embraced football heroes is the illustrative platform to show the World that every individual is able to contribute his of her specific talents and competences to the team. To society. To the World.”

Bryan Roy (born 12 February 1970 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch football manager and a former professional player in the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. At the moment he is trainer at the Youth Academy of AFC Ajax.

At Ajax he tries to combine the technical and tactical aspects of young players with performance training, science and mental fitness of the boys. Bryan has been working at Ajax as well as in business where he used his knowledge of football and big networks to connect companies with Ajax.

As a member of the Group Cruyff he believes that individual training and mental stability is the core of a talented football player, together with the usual technical and tactical aspects on the pitch. Bryan is now working on a system that connects the tactics of football and science and intuition to its fullest.