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For the second year in a row, the World Forum for Ethics in Business, Anti-Doping Norway and FairSport team up for a joint conference on current anti-doping issues in the sports world. The theme of the conference is “Athletes, Sports, Sponsors and Broadcasters –  A Cooperation for clean and ethical sport”

The conference is a continuation of the 1st Anti-Doping in Sports Conference held in 2018. During the 1st edition, a description of the current status of the International Anti-Doping work was presented.

The 2nd edition will be held at the Bristol Hotel in Oslo on 4 June 2019 from 10:30 am to 4 pm . The main topic will be to discuss how athletes, sports, sponsors and broadcasters can work more closely together to ensure more accountability for clean and ethical sport.
International sports is driven and somewhat processed by its spectators, transmitted through broadcasters and media coverage. The same coverage is the basis for sponsors and supporters buying products associated to their «heroes». This is the core of the business of Sports.

This year’s conference will highlight and discuss the role of sponsors and broadcasters. Do we think they can make a difference and are they willing to change the system? Do they care about the values of sport or just the income – winning at any cost is an appropriate term? Can health and fair play compete against income from the sporting industry?

The key objectives will be to assess the current landscape and to discuss how these important sport stakeholders can use practical means to influence strict enforcement of clean and ethical sport to protect athletes’ rights and the long-term sustainability and growth of sport.

To register please visit www.antidoping.no/conference